“A walk through Canarsie”

Found this article in the Brooklyn Courier Life Newspaper. (Too late to go and see it though.) There is a new local documentary about the long history of Canarsie from the 1880’s to its heyday in the 1950’s. It looks like it will be a charming watch with all the interviews and reminiscing.


Watch the interview trailer:


Pinning Brooklyn History


I found this very awesome website which allows users to pin photos of their favorite places on Google maps. As you can see from above it sort of brings the past to life again and that’s always cool. I haven’t delved into all the features as yet, but History Pin includes a search function and time line. The results are narrowed down by section and their selection of pictures are fantastic. You just click on the pin and it brings up all the photos in each set. The majority of the photos were provided by the Brooklyn museum and the Museum of the City of New York.

Check out the sets labeled “Brooklyn” Here.