Old New York Winter Slideshow

This is my old slideshow from nearly 10 years ago. I’d felt like collecting snowy images and putting them together. The Youtube quality back then was so low, unfortunately the video is grainy. But still enjoyable with the music. The music is called “Love is blue” by Paul Muriat.

I’m trying anything to keep cool in this stuffy place with no A/C!

Here’s a one minute video of a 2 ft. New York Blizzard from 2010.

Glowing beauty of the Brooklyn Bridge at night

I love paintings like this! It would be a beautiful print to have on the wall.

Ephemeral New York

Now this is enchantment: the globes of light from the bridge deck, the boat lights illuminating the East River, the twinkling skyline of lower Manhattan.


“This view shows the well known Brooklyn Bridge in the foreground, and the most prominent of New York’s skyscrapers in the distance,” reads the back of this postcard.

“This scene is probably more familiar than any other to the multitude of people living in Greater New York.”

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140 Years of Change: The George Bradford Brainerd Project

Back at the end of April, Yahoo ran this interesting article. Photographer Jordan Liles was inspired to compare some of the oldest images of the City taken by George Bradford Brainerd, and photograph modern replica images at the exact locations.

The Brooklyn Museum website has over a thousand more original Old New York photos by Brainerd click here. 

They are amazing –The Brooklyn Bridge before the walk-way was even built. It’s almost eerie. 


Or this beautifully composed photo, which sparks the imagination – perhaps a turn of the century Mystery or the beginning of a sweeping urban romance in the 1880’s? I’d prefer a mix of both. 🙂


Washington Street, Brooklyn (1872-1877)

Long before the bridges even stood:


Re-posted from the Brooklyn Museum Photostream on Flickr.

George Bradford Brainerd (American, 1845-1887). Washington Street, Brooklyn, ca. 1872-1887. Wet-collodion negative. Prints, Drawings and Photographs. Brooklyn Museum/Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn Collection, 1996.164.2-1767. (1996.164.2-1767_g

‘Tenements under the Brooklyn Bridge’

A nice sketch of Water Street from 1909. I worked down there on Washington Street for nearly five years from 2001-2005. The old buildings and factories still stand, along with patches of cobblestone streets. It’s still a bustling area filled with eateries and bric-a-brac specialty shops. It’s such a pleasant place to visit and stroll around. A ton of filming for NYC based shows and movies, along with fashion shoots go on at any given time.

The Brooklyn Bridge Park for the kiddies is a wonderful thoroughfare to walk through, picnic, lounge, and just gaze at the East River and the massive Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges.

The drawing was labeled Washington Street, but it shows a view of the Brooklyn Bridge.


Full information about this image can be found at this link on the Library of Congress website.

Washington Street Today: I have a pic or 2 of my own but would have to dig them out and scan them. (Broken scanner! Ahhrr!!!) There’s been very little change to the area as of 2012. Water street is actually the next block over.


Pinning Brooklyn History


I found this very awesome website which allows users to pin photos of their favorite places on Google maps. As you can see from above it sort of brings the past to life again and that’s always cool. I haven’t delved into all the features as yet, but History Pin includes a search function and time line. The results are narrowed down by section and their selection of pictures are fantastic. You just click on the pin and it brings up all the photos in each set. The majority of the photos were provided by the Brooklyn museum and the Museum of the City of New York.

Check out the sets labeled “Brooklyn” Here.