Nickel a ride

It’s been too long between posts. Unfortunately the present keeps me trapped and out of the past where I’d love to visit. I need a time machine. I’ll settle for the beautiful omni on my favorite Time Travel series, Voyagers!. It’s elegant, and can pass as a pocket watch or compass in the bygone eras. If anyone remembers that short lived tv show from 1982-83, then check out the largest fan site online, my website, Voyagers Guidebook. It’s fun!

“If the Omni is red, it means history is wrong. Our job is to get everything back on track.” – Voyager Phineas Bogg

So naturally a GREEN light means a Voyager corrected the faulty time line!


So with our omnis set, lets travel back to the days of the Trolley and take the Canarsie line for a nickel! I love this photo, watch where you step, there’s manure up ahead, and when you get off, look out for the horse and carriage behind you! This picture could be from the 1900’s. I found it on the website Brooklyn Memories, which has other fantastic pictures from the bygone era, especially the forties and fifties.



What are your thoughts?

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