Old Brooklyn Postcards #2

This is a fascinating image of Atlantic and Nostrand Avenue from 1896. I always love when I can still find the old cobblestone streets and trolley tracks. You mostly see them in downtown Brooklyn.

I’ve discovered a fun way to do Before and After photos with these postcards by using Google Earth. It is such an amazing program to work with, and almost unsettling to know that satellites are watching and streaming images right up to our front doors. I’m sure most people in the 19th Century could not have imagined that humans were capable of such inventions, except maybe the fathers of the science fiction genre, writers Jules Verne and H.G. Wells among other lesser known writers.

If I were to explain it to someone from the past, I would have to say something along the lines that it’s a man-made device that can hover above the earth and mimic the eyes of God.

Atlantic Avenue and Nostrand as of 2012

(Hopefully this closer to being right. My sense of direction is a little faulty.)


2 thoughts on “Old Brooklyn Postcards #2

  1. That’s a great postcard, but unfortunately your Google Maps view is not showing the same location. The postcard shows a view of the trolleys on Nostrand Ave looking northbound toward Atlantic Ave from just slightly north of Pacific Street. You can clearly see the railroad crossing gates of the Long island Railroad on Atlantic Ave. Your Google maps picture was taken from the corner of Atlantic Ave looking north toward Herkimer Pl.

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