Old Brooklyn Postcards #1

The first image is a bathhouse which is no longer standing. Shore Road is currently a popular spot which overlooks the Verrazano Bridge and has a long walking and Bicycle path for Brooklynites to relax, eat, fish, and take in some sun.

If you look closely to your left at the second image you can see Erasmus Church and Erasmus Hall Academy–a once Private institution. The school became public in 1896. The church was built by the Dutch settlers in 1786, back when Flatbush was known by its original name, Vlacke bos, which meant, Flat Woodland.

In 1904 more buildings were added and housed one of the most notable High Schools in Brooklyn–Erasmus High. Erasmus now functions as 5 separate schools and after 3 centuries, the structure is officially a New York Landmark. You can see how Flatbush Ave. in 1909 is already a burgeoning business community. It later became known as ‘The Strip’, a term young entertainment seekers used whenever they wanted a night about town during Brooklyn’s heyday in the 20’s-50’s.


What are your thoughts?

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